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Estimated Length: 20 - 30 minutes

  • Includes a 25 minute presentation with prompts in the speaker notes
  • Includes assignment with complete rubric on Canadian political parties

Political Parties in Canada

  • Grade 10 Civics (Open)
    A1.4 interpret and analyze evidence, data, and information relevant to their investigations using
    various tools, strategies, and approaches appropriate for political inquiry
    A1.5 uses the concepts of political thinking (i.e., political significance, objectives and results, stability
    and change, political perspective) when analyzing and evaluating evidence, data, and information and
    formulating conclusions and/or judgments about issues, events, and/or developments of civic
    B1. Civic Issues, Democratic Values: describe beliefs and values associated with democratic citizenship
    in Canada, and explain how they are related to civic action and to one’s position on civic issues
    B2. Governance in Canada: explain, with reference to a range of issues of civic importance, the roles
    and responsibilities of various institutions, structures, and figures in Canadian governance

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