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Lesson Points Associated with the CRRP (Ontario)
Inviting different perspectives: How might you use these as a minds-on to invite or talk about different points of view? Could you invite students to find their own images and provoke the thoughts of their classmates? (CRRP)


Community partnerships: Home, school, and community partnerships engage parents, extended family, school staff, and community groups in a mutually beneficial way to support, enhance, and promote opportunities for learning and healthy schools policies, programs, and initiatives. These partnerships can involve engaging and coordinating services, expertise, and resources that are available, within the school and local community, from a wide array of groups (e.g., school council, student council, public health units); and making connections with the broader community through on-site programs such as child care and family support programs. Partnerships can also be formed that draw on services, expertise, and resources that are available beyond the local community (e.g., in regional, provincial, or national organisations). 


NOTE: Most academic resources work under the disorder model. This means all symptoms of Autism and ADHD will be expressed with NEGATIVE connotations. This may affect how certain positive or neutral autisitic and adhd symptoms are described. Things like “lack of imaginative play” simply means Autistic and ADHD people use different play. Please disregard information from sources like “A study showed that children can lose autism diagnosis later on in life.” “ADHD can grow out of children over time” “Autism is 5x more common among males”.

Autism & ADHD: Facts VS. Fiction

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