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Estimated length: 2 classroom periods (2 hours)

Includes 2 Google Slideshows withy activities and worksheets.

Resumes & Interviews

  • Grade 10 Careers (open)
    B1.2 explain how transferable skills are developed through school, extracurricular,
    and/or community experiences, and analyse how they contribute to a person’s readiness
    for future educational, life, and work opportunities and to their career development
    B1.3 reflect on how the transferable skills they have developed so far have aided them in
    their learning and in life, and identify the skills that they may need to develop further
    B2.1 investigate their own interests, values, skills (including transferable skills), strengths,
    and areas that require further development, documenting their insights in a personal
    C1.3 use effective and appropriate forms, media, and styles to communicate their skills,
    experience, and achievements to prospective mentors, program administrators,
    employers, community organizations, scholarship funders, or investors

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