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About Us

Teach our Teens (TOT) is a company curated by Canadian teen activists hoping to spark change in intermediate and high school classrooms; the team serves to create resources for teachers based on social issues they feel should be better represented in schools.

Teacher Goals

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To support teachers in covering the most difficult, yet most important topics for a teen to learn growing up.

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To create lessons that appeal to all sorts of learning styles, and correlate our lessons with existing curriculum points so it's easier to fit into the school year.

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To update lessons that are a part of the curriculum to be more socially aware, cover heavy topics appropriately, and update our lessons as time goes on.

Student Goals

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Learn the Basics

To provide resources on the topics that students are expected to learn at home, since not all teens may have the privilege. 

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To take curriculum content and approach it in a relevant way, so students feel driven by a larger sense of purpose.

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To provide today's students with a safe space to explore the many facets of their own identity through learning and unlearning different ingrained biases.

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